Implements saving and loading.


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Release v0.6.0

This release's major change is the ability to save/load a game. At the moment it's not very sophisticated in terms of savegame management (e.g., slots, user specified savegame names, etc.) but the functionality is there.

This release also fixes a number of very serious bugs that were hidden in the previous releases until the savegame functions were added.

Finally, this release has some visual improvements: mining beacon animation has been replaced with mathematically generated animation, there is a current level visual indicator, currently deployed robots are highlighted on the minimap and the debug information has been greatly improved.

Lastly there are a few feature additions for making tube placement a lot easier than it was in the past.



  • Current state of the game can now be saved.
  • Current state of the game can now be loaded.
  • Added mouse hover coordinates to debug.
  • Added Structure information to debug.
  • Added a current level indicator.
  • Added voice indicators for tile placement.
  • Added AI Voice Gender Selection.
  • Added a Structure Inspector UI. Not a whole lot of information in it yet but the basics are there.
  • Added some UI Blips and beeps to the Planet Select screen for basic feedback.


  • Pulled old UI data files.
  • Updated code for Mine interface and implementation.
  • OutpostHD will now create a 'savegame' directory under 'data' if one doesn't exist.
  • Minimap now displays location of active robots.
  • User can now change the tube selection when placing tubes using the wheel mouse (allows for quick tube placement).
  • Using the mouse's scroll wheel when in tube insertion mode will now switch which tube piece is being placed.
  • Improved mine beacon glow effect.
  • Mine robots now build a mine shaft underneath the surface facility.
  • Fonts have been replaced with easier to read and more predictable bitmap based fonts.
  • Tile Inspector is much more fleshed out.


  • Fixed a mistake in the way robots were handled in the UI when deployed. Robot selection UI will now properly update itself when any robot in the field completes its task instead of the original robots created when the SEED Lander is deployed.
  • Fixed a dangling pointer bug when deserializing robots.
  • Fixed a dangling pointer bug when deserializing structures.
  • Fixed a mistake that would cause the FactoryProduction UI to not be properly updated when viewing a factory.
  • Fixed a mistake that would cause some mouse clicks to be ignored until the TileInspector window has been pulled up at least once.



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