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Release v0.4.1

This is the second release, released October 9th, 2015. This versions sees the inclusion of a site map that is brand new to the series, created by sampling from a planet geography map of Mars.

This release sees a few UI updates and the inclusion of the CHAP facility. Additionally, "readme.md" and "changelog.md" were included for the first time in this version.



  • Added a RequiresCHAP field to structures. Updated structures currently defined that don't require a CHAP to operate.
  • Added some comments to Structure::enabled(bool) and Structure::idle(bool) to clarify what and why they are separate and the difference between IDLE and DISABLED states.
  • Added a utility operator () to TilePositionInfo that allows quick setting of values.
  • Added onActivate() to GameState so that when the window loses focus any flags set by event handlers (like mouseDown) can be cleared if the window loses focus before a corresponding event fires (like mouseUp).
  • Added a new map for 1) variety and 2) as proof of concept so we can start dumping OP1's graphics.
  • Added removeStructure() to StructureManager.
  • Added building bulldozing. Bulldozed buildings will add their resource recovery values to the resource pool. Command Center's can never be bulldozed.
  • Added a README to the repository for distribution with releases.
  • Added a CHANGELOG to the repository for distribution with releases.


  • Mine facilities now take several turns to complete construction and go into an operational state. This is something that can probably be adjusted based on difficulty level.
  • Optimized TubesPalette to show which tube type is currently being placed. A right click will clear the mode and reset the toggle states on the TubesPalette buttons.
  • Turn button is now disabled until the SEED Lander is placed.
  • Removed check from checkConnectedness() that is no longer necessary.
  • Removed DiggerTile structure -- less useful clone of TilePositionInfo and ultimately there was a better way to handle it.
  • Diggers will now only dig downward if placed on an existing AirShaft.
  • When a building is bulldozed or a digger bot is placed on an airshaft, connectedness checks are run to immediately update connectedness availability.
  • StructureManager now has a function to quickly set all tiles that structures are on into a disconnected state.
  • Various changes in DiggerDirection UI class to implement correct digger behavior and simplify the storage of tile position information in the GameState class.
  • Moved some stuff around in GameState.h to group like things together and get things in a more sensible state.
  • MiniMap now shows mines using a diamond shaped graphic to more closely resemble OP1's visuals.
  • TileMap now properly centers itself in the vertical viewspace regardless of resolution
  • UI Panel is now 185 pixels tall instead of 180.


  • When a digger is placed its mode will now properly be cleared.
  • Fixed a logic mistake in the GraphWalker that prevented the walker from properly seeing the deepest level of structures.
  • Logic error in Robot corrected -- turnsToCompleteTask() assumed that the input value would always be greater than 0 which would lead to the taskComplete callback never getting fired.
  • Found an unused variable in the StructureManager -- cleared it out.


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