Implements warehouse storage, robot command and rounds out several other features.


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Release v0.7.5

This release introduces the population model to the game as well as a number of bug fixes, structures and UI improvements.



  • Robot Command Center is now fully functional.
  • Added a Nursery structure. Required to keep infant mortality rate at a reasonable level.
  • New visuals for some of the surface structures.
  • F11 keybinding to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.
  • Game window is resizable (minimum size 800x600).


  • Robots can now only be placed within the area of influence of the Command Center and Comm. Towers.
  • FileIO window includes a new ListBox that shows a scroll bar when the list of files is too long to display.
  • FileIO window now responds to double clicks.
  • Structures can now only be placed within 15 tiles of the command center.
  • Robots can now only be placed within 15 tiles of the command center.
  • The population model has been completely rewritten. It now accounts for morale, residences, universities and hospitals.
  • Factory Production window now allows the user to set a factory to Idle. This is not undone until the user explicitely states it.
  • Factory Production window now has a "Clear Selection" button. This provides a much more obvious way to clear the selection vs. clicking outside a product icon in the product grid.
  • Updated keybindings -- see README.md for details.


  • FileOP button (Save/Load) in FileIO window will now start off disabled when first displayed.
  • Fixed a mistake in UndergroundFactory that would cause it to be saved as a SurfaceFactory.



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