OutpostHD is a remake of the classic commercial flop by Sierra On-Line, Outpost. Not an outright clone but a new game design with core mechanics from the original game.

Migration to GitHub

Project task and issue management has been migrated to GitHub. Please update your links: https://github.com/ldicker83/OPHD

Notes for Developers

Don't be afraid to pick up a task for a 'future version' of OutpostHD. For example, if the current active version is v0.8.0 and you're able to complete a task from v0.9.0, by all means do so.

If you have any questions about the code or need help implementing something, please talk to me. I don't bite!

Help and Troubleshooting

See the forum on OPU or join us on IRC for help or troubleshooting running the game.


See the files section of this project page for the latest available downloads.

Issue tracking

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Manager: leeor_net, Leviathan

Developer: Goof, Hooman, leeor_net, lhark, vomov

Reporter: Goof, Hooman, leeor_net, Leviathan, lhark, vomov

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