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Implement warehouse interface

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As mentioned in issue #90, we're now at the point where we need to consider how to handle storage of manufactured items like road materials, building repair and maintenance items, robots, clothing, medicine and luxury goods.

My first thoughts are to use an enumerated type.

enum StorageItem

Something along these lines. Then use a Warehouse interface (as opposed to a resource pool interface) to keep these tracked. I'll admit I'm not totally thrilled with this idea though.

One of the things I did with resources that Outpost 1 didn't do was simply keep a list of storage tanks, assign a max storage capacity for the storage tanks and then total them together and cap the players resources at that level.

We could do something similar with warehouses and storable items. Seeing what of each individual items is being stored in a particular warehouse seems superfluous so like resources I'm thinking it will be simpler to see how many active warehouses there are, use that as the maximum storage space available and then add storable items to a 'warehouse pool' type of structure.

We could also take a page from Outpost's book and have different items 'cost' different amounts of space. E.g., I can see storing maybe 10 robots in a Warehouse. So with 100 units of space, the Robot would 'cost' 10 units. Smaller things like luxury goods, medicine and clothing would all take up 1 unit of storage.


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I've given this additional thought and this is the plan:

Robots will be housed within Robot Command Center's. Warehouses will be used exclusively for all other products.

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Okay, been awhile but I'm noting down some finalized decision making.

All products (with the exception of some robots) will be stored in individual warehouse structures. The loss of a warehouse structure through disaster or maintenance issues will result in the loss of products. A bulldozed warehouse will simply offload its products to other warehouses -- any products that don't fit will be discarded.

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This is mostly finished. UG factories can now produce clothing and medicine. These products, when completed, are now sent to warehouses until warehouse capacity runs out. If no storage available, the factory is set to idle.

What needs to be finished:

When a factory is set to idle after a product is finished, the product is lost. This is because the product isn't 'stored' anywhere, just a simple notification is sent out "Hey, this thing is done, come grab it."

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